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I’m a lifelong student of human emotion and behavior. 

All of my adult life, I’ve been a professional actor and director. I connect deeply with the feelings and motivations of human beings. 

One of the foundations of acting is being present and actively listening.  

Upon moving to London in 2015, I started applying that expertise to Business Coaching,

helping executives listen more actively and communicate more effectively.

I found I love coaching. I love hearing other people’s stories! I love creating space for people to reflect on what’s vital in their lives. And I love coaxing forth “a ha” moments for people.

I invested in myself with my certification in Personal and Business Coaching through Barefoot Coaching, as well as becoming an advanced Grief Recovery Specialist with Grief UK.   

I am also an Associate Certified Coach with the ICF.  This is all to tell you that I take my practice seriously, and since coaching is an unregulated industry, it can give you a bit of peace of mind that I have committed to a set of ethics from a governing body.   

I know these things are important to me when I look for a coach.

  (and for the record, I have one!)

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