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Rachel Fowler

written/directed by Rachel Fowler


Hey, I'm Rachel

Actor | Director | Writer | Coach

Here's to all things creative!


I'm a storyteller.  I celebrate human stories, and the power they have to heal, reveal hidden truths and to transform. I'm an award-winning actor/director/writer, both on stage and in film.

STILLNESS is my debut film as a writer and director, and has been making the ..

Rachel Fowler

I’ve been an actor most of my life.


Being an actor is exploring all kinds of different lives.  The complete physical inhabiting of the imaginative state is ecstatic, pushing the limits of any one person’s human experience.  I can try on different lives for size, explore deep (and maybe even dark!) parts of myself with the safety of distance of a character. 


Most of my career has been on the stage, it requires stamina and time, and the support of your family and friends. 


Most people work 9-5, you work 7-11, and spend a good part of your day rationing your energy so you can be fully present for those 3 hours on stage.  It’s living the character, weeks spent creating a framework to play upon.  It’s linear for the most part, a slice of life. 


The ephemeral nature of theatre work makes it magical, it lives in the memories of audience members (and my own memory) and reviews of critics published online.  Its art that’s written in water.


This is why I have started focusing a bit more on film - to have something tangible to look back on, to share, to leave behind.


Acting on film is a whole other set of skills, knowing the characters journey from start to finish and being able to hit that journey out of sequence, it’s also about being present and undistracted by cameras and a crew of 100 capturing the most intimate moments, the smallest of reactions, living, breathing the character.

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