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When you think about your confidence, where are you on a scale of 1-10?  If you are like me, it depends on the day.

Do you have a hard time holding boundaries?  Are you able to meet the days challenges with ingenuity and thoughtfulness?

Do you feel like you are pursuing a path you aren't sure you want anymore, but don't know how to get off the hamster wheel?

The world is changing fast these days.  So are we. 

Letting go of old dreams and defining new ones can be tough, it's a multi-step process of grieving, reflecting and evolving.  A cross roads can be daunting or sometimes, even paralyzing.  SO MANY CHOICES!

As I coach, I listen, I ask questions, I listen some more.  We will dive into the areas that have been difficult and find a new way to thrive.  

(photo by P Switzer)

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We can rehearse those difficult conversations, refine your sales pitch, and get your humour into that toast for your best friend's wedding.  

Public speaking is the number one fear in the world -- as an actor, I still get nervous!  It's scary to get up in front of people.   Engaging your voice and body so you can make those butterflies fly in formation, that's the key!

I'll help you bring forth your brilliant self, so people will remember you -- because you engaged them and made them feel something.

And yes, we can work on how you show up in that little zoom box.  Taking the time and care to show up the best way possible!

(photo by Simon King)

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You might have a project you are just having a hard time staying on task with, whether is writing your memoir, that screenplay or novel you've been talking about for years.  

I will spark your imagination, give you prompts and encourage explorations of different writing styles to get that story out of your head and heart and onto paper.  

I'll be your cheerleader and your ring leader!

(photo By Michael Esminger)

How I help: About
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