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Somewhere Very Near
a Film by Rachel Fowler

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Whether you believe in an afterlife or not, the love we feel and connections we’ve shared are not lost, they exist in our neural pathways, they are etched into the fabric of our hearts, into who we are. In grief, we are all looking for comfort.

We are seeking solace, a way to make sense of the world now with a gaping hole. 

Finding ways to stay connected with our “no-shows”  is at the heart of this film. 


My work as a grief and loss coach has taught me that this is what most of my clients are looking for – how to live with the loss, and take forward the love and strength they garnered from their relationship with their loved one.


I ask – what signs are our loved ones sending us, and how can we open our awareness to their love?  

In this tender story of connection between the dead and their loved ones, Jace and Bryan welcome newly passed Lina to the cemetery.

 Can they help her find a way to connect to her sister?

This wistful short film combines magical realism and grief

to bridge connections between two worlds. 

It's "Heart and Souls" meets "A Monster Calls" and "It's Wonderful Life" 


We are dedicated to diversity in our creative team, behind and in front of the camera.  

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RACHEL FOWLER is an American award-winning Actor/Director/Writer living in London. Her first short film, STILLNESS, is currently in the festival circuit, having been selected for over 25 festivals and winning 12 awards, including Best Director at the Soho Independent London Film Festival and Best Narrative Short at the Middlebury New Filmmaker Festival.

As an actor, she recently appeared in the must-see horror film of 2022, BARBARIAN, and voiced Pamela Jennings in the sleeper hit podcast, RED VALLEY.

Rachel Fowler, Writer/Director

If you'd like to find out more about participating and supporting this film, please get in touch.  I would love to to chat with you!

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