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A solo show by Beckis Cooper

Directed by Rachel Fowler

tells the story of Antonia Carrington, a smart young woman from London who desperately wishes to perform on the Globe stage. Fed up of being kept out of the playhouse , she breaks into the tiring house and performs the roles she has her eye on. Featuring thirteen different characters , the play tells the story of a woman who has got her hands on a copy of the precious first folio of William Shakespeare and isn’t afraid to explore it.

An exciting and captivating journey through the canon, in celebration of 400 years since Shakespeare published the first folio, this is a fast-paced and fun one-woman show which premiered at the Keats House in the city of London on December 2nd 2023. 

"A great linking theme and beautiful/fun/ moving readings - Beckis is completely at one with the verse and that is really wonderful to hear. What a joy it was tonight - to hear Shakespeare acted so truthfully and to see such beautiful gesture and expression with every scene."
"Outstanding performance from an outstanding actor.""Superb acting and wonderfully interactive with the audience."
"Marvellous concept with incredible characters - a treat for any Shakespeare fan."
"Superb acting and wonderfully interactive with the audience."
"Just been to Unversed: what a brilliant, passionate, intimate and thoughtful exploration of Shakespeare’s well versed ladies. My favourites were the beautiful Desdemona (Beckis did something heart breaking and lovely with her voice) and your Lady M was terrifying.  Completely captivating!"


*The Painted Room in Oxford on the 20th April


*Garrick's Temple to Shakespeare on the 27th April (

The Willow Globe in Wales on the 25th May


*The Stamford Arts Centre on 22nd June (

*The Prebendal Manor House on 10th August


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