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by Evie Fehilly and Rachel Fowler

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Log Line:

In a time when women are warned against the dire consequences of riding bicycles, Lettice Witter defies societal norms to pedal her way to freedom and suffrage.

In 1905, Lettice Witter arrives home scraped and flushed from her latest attempt to ride a bicycle. Her husband, doctor, and maid ambush her, determined to save her from the supposed perils of cycling, especially the infamous "Bicycle Face." Refusing to believe the fake news of the day, Lettice grapples to escape their grasp, leading to the world's slowest and wobbliest bicycle chase!

"Bicycle Face" was a completely fabricated medical condition concocted by the establishment to dissuade women from cycling and the freedom it represented. Symptoms allegedly included a flushed yet pale face, a weary expression, and even infertility.

Why Now?

This funny and anarchic short film seeks to pedal forward by looking back in an irreverent and anachronistic way. Today, women across the globe are losing freedoms that previous generations fought and died for. To protect the future for generations of women, trans, and non-binary individuals, we must understand our past and the tools our foremothers used to create change and achieve emancipation, as well as the insidious forces that continue to oppose them.

About the Creators:

Rachel Fowler, an award-winning actress and filmmaker, and Evie Fehilly, an award-winning filmmaker and drag king, bring this story to life using drag kings, comedy, clowning, and absurdly inept bicycle chases. "Bicycle Face" is a hilarious, overtly queer, and utterly joyful call to revolution in every sense!


We are dedicated to diversity in our creative team, behind and in front of the camera.  

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EVIE FENHILLY is an award winning performer, writer and film maker. Fehilly studied at the renowned theatre school, L’ecole Gaulier in Paris and since then has worked extensively in theatre and cabaret. In 2019 Fehilly won Europe’s largest Drag King competition, ‘Man Up’ and was a 2021 Evolve artist at the Oxford Playhouse. Fehilly took part in The Royal Court Writers’ Group and has worked extensively in adult sex education.
Evie is developing film and television projects with several production companies and has a feature film in development with The BFI. Period Drama was Evie's graduation film from The Met Film School, where she studied for an MA in directing for film and TV.

Evie Fehilly, Writer/Director


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